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Southwest Matchmakers specializes in helping local singles meet and date quality individuals that match their values, interests and life goals. We are part of the largest personal matchmaking network in New Mexico with local offices located in Albuquerque.

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At Southwest Matchmakers, we meet with every client face-to-face in our local office. We take the time to get to know you, to understand your relationship goals and to find out what is most important to you in the people you want to date. Utilizing your matchmaking and personality profile our experienced Personal Matchmaking Team will hand screen introductions that match your predetermined values, interests, and life goals. This ensures you meet real, local singles that are compatible for dating. As we like to say here at Southwest Matchmakers, "Isn't it time to live, laugh and love again?"

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No Games Or Gimmicks

People turn to us because they're tired of game playing and are serious about finding a relationship. Our matchmaking system cuts out the game playing of online dating and gimmicks of speed and lunch dating services. Get out of the dating game and let a Personal Matchmaker go to work for you.

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What are you waiting for? Southwest Matchmakers is the best way to meet quality local singles. STOP wasting time with online dating sites such as,,,,,, and others. They aren't designed to help you meet real singles.

What our clients are saying

“You’ve given me quite a challenge to limit myself to only a few of Jan's qualities!

Janice is a competitive athlete (as am I), so we understand what drives each other. She is both an occasional practicing Catholic as well as a student of Buddhism (as am I ... if just less "occasional"). We both click each other's "passionate" button. She asks about my life (flying and another degree) and I ask about hers (working girl). She's smart and creative. We match on moral issues of the day.

Brief review of my experience with the matchmaking department: I have to admit, I accepted any girl you suggested, Sabrina -- partly because you're the pro and I'm not and I accept you have an impossible challenge in finding folks who will click together on all those qualities that are simply beyond quantification in 150 questions (and an interview). I appreciated that you readily accepted my request to limit the matchmaking to readiness. And to have the girl accept me first.

At this time, yes please, place my membership on hold.



Again, I would like to thank you for introducing me to Larry. He is everything I love and appreciate in a man. He is a true gentleman. He always is making sure that what we do is something that I like, too. We have had three dates and each one was better than the other. We like many of the same things and we are both open to learning and trying what the other likes. We both like to talk, so we have learned a lot about each other in the short time we have spent together.

Even though I was having my doubts, you came through with exactly the kind of man I have been looking for my whole life. You were always cheerful when I talked to you and kept assuring me that you would find the right match for me. You were right. Thank you for what you have done and keep up the good work.

Please place my membership on happy hold.

“Hi Brie.

I hope you are well. Jo is wonderful. She's kind, compassionate and empathic, and yes, she's beautiful. She's very intelligent, and yet humble. Her conversation is light and funny and insightful. She is hilarious! And really makes me laugh. It's only been a short while but I definitely miss her between dates.

Thank you for everything you did, Brie. You were very professional, courteous, responsive, and obviously helpful. It was a pleasure working with you and I'm thinking I will owe you a big favor if all this works out.

Lastly, I would like to confirm that I have requested to place my membership on hold.

Thank you,


Well, let me start with explaining how hesitant I was with this service. You guys connected me with 3 matches. My first match being Tony, but, he seemed to still have a bachelor’s behavior. So, I decided to stop seeing him.

After going out with other people, I realized how special he was with me and my kids. He is a gentleman, compassionate, romantic, and can say that I have fallen in love with him. Wow my very first match!

It took 4 months but I do not want to see anyone else. Please place my membership on hold. Thank you for your perseverance with me, I wanted to quit on Tony and I was convinced to continue the relationship. No matter what happens between us, Tony is truly a great man.

I would recommend your business it worked for me. Thanks so much!